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About The Band

Squaring The Circle, hailing from Baltimore, MD, is an original rock/fusion quartet with a strong taste for the experimental jam. Featuring some of Baltimore’s finest musicians, Squaring The Circle has taken lessons learned from countless miles on the road to form a formidable musical amalgamation of all former musical projects and influences, along with the masters of jazz, funk, and blues. Their live performances are high energy parties blended with technically proficient and purpose-laden musical statements, and their sound is a perfect combination of “heavy guitar, syncopated melodies, soaring organ, and grooves” (The Jamwich, 2018). Fresh off the release of their debut full-length album entitled "Gyonk," Squaring The Circle is prepared to bring their sound to new cities and audiences up and down the east coast and beyond.

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For all inquiries, please email us at, or click the button below. We handle everything ourselves, so please do not be deterred if it takes us a couple days to respond.

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